02022020 The Wanderer

I had a blissful weekend. And because I was talking, reading, writing AND thinking in English almost the entire weekend I will write this blog in English also.

Not so long ago I found myself an online dating site, Ourtime. Maybe you already read about that in one of my earlier blogs. After meeting someone special there with a very nice smile I put my account on hold and we started chatting… in English because he is not Dutch by birth. Just living and working here. Reading and writing to him started me also thinking in English, haha. I made him a special hash tack because he makes me smile a lot #smile. Shopping and chatting the whole Saturday made it a great start of this new month. Today, Sunday the second promised only being even more blissful than that first day because of a few important reasons. Not only it’s a palindrome date with special meaning, it is also the day I was going to meet The Wanderer again. My birthday present for myself 🙂 Looking forward to this since the last moment i saw them. Uhhmm that’s less than 4 weeks ago, hahaha #grijnzzz These guys meaning a lot to me, something like to the moon & back ♡

Listen for yourself and you will feel and understand yourself.

So on my way to Amersfoort again 2 special things happened to me!! While APPing with my Ourtime guy my oldest sister appt me telling me she was on her way home again after her visit with our brother. And you don’t believe!!!! We were in the same train at the same time!!!! So we could have a short talk and hug. Loved it!!♡ Still wondering about that wonderful moment a guy with enormous suitcase got in the train. So i moved over one seat to give him the space he needed for himself and his suitcase. We got talking and he told me about his study time in Eindhoven as a designer engineer. Designing smarter things for our future in relation to milieu and surroundings. He told me he was going home to India this Sunday. So loooong trip ahead for him. Meeting him and having that talk was another little star in my blissful weekend and the reason me writing this blog today in English. I gave him my blog-url and yes he can translate it by himself… but i think it’s also fun doing it in English today. Especially me thinking in English now the entire weekend ♡ If my sister hadn’t been on the same train with her dog , i would never have met this special young man doing such a great job creating a better future for all of us by designing smarter things…..

I had a blast at the concert in the yoga school with The Wanderer and his music brothers Joost and Victor. Nikos again got me in tears with the song “we’re all going home”. This time because of the deeply felt gratitude and knowing now my “home ” is inside myself. I can live life for the fullest being just ME. Maybe it’s because of the energy in the yoga school and us sitting or lying on yoga mats, but i never before saw such beautiful and intense performance and not alone from music but from energy and their aura’s. Acting and reacting on each other in such beautiful and special way, like small universes around them. Those beautiful and special people sharing all that with us, their audience. Never ever before I felt such intense energy exchange and flowing of the golden energy sparkles from Nikos coming from his halo and spreading like a fountain. Telling his story’s in the healing songs. And i am sooooo great full I could be part of that today. If there could be a way to film what happened before my eyes, al 3 of them 😉 , it would become an oscar worthy movie. I am so happy he will be part of my book and story to tell (which I am writing now… this year). The fact that I was in connection with my English spirit soooo much this weekend was also the reason that songs texts came in deeper. Words finding their way to my soul.

Now I am on my way home in so many ways….. writing my weekends story and hoping that story will be finished with a chat again … and ending this beautiful day and weekend with a special #smile.


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